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Paul, Thank you so very much again for all you have done. Nothing was to much trouble... — Andy & Sue
Who knew that Mum & Dad would of passed away so close together, thank you for looking after them both in such a personal way. — William A.
Paul, I don't know where to start in thanking you in helping my family and I get through this difficult time. — Rachel L. & Family
We as a family would like to thank you so very much for all your care and attention for Tony's funeral. — The N Family
At this sad time you came through for us & did everything with thoughtfulness & care. — Muriel S.
Just to say a big thank you for everything you have done! You have made a difficult time so much easier. — The C Family
I can safely say this is the best service from any funeral director I have experienced in 13 years... — Chris & Family

What We Do?

We offer our personalised service to help you plan the perfect way to say goodbye to those loved ones.

Funeral Services

Our services to you start when you contact us, by telephone, callling personally or via this website.

Funeral Arranging

Each funeral should be as unique as your loved one so we provide you with our professional services to ensure that it is.

Memorials & Floral Tributes

We can assist with a wide variety of memorials including floral displays in various styles, sizes and colours.

Which Funeral Plan?

We take the stress out of making funeral arrangements whether burial or cremation we can make those plans.
We have a wide range of funeral plans which are tailored to meet your individual needs and budgets.

Pre-Planned Funerals

Registration of Wishes

A pre-planned funeral allows you to plan a funeral in advance, without having to pay for it until the funeral takes place.

We have created this unique and completely free service because we recognise that families sometimes struggle with choices for funeral arrangements. To have a copy of their relative's wishes makes the organisation of the funeral easier at a time when there are so many other things to think about.

Many people find this is an option that allows them to have peace of mind, without incurring the expense of a funeral at this time. With a pre-planned funeral, we can discuss as much or as little as you wish. You may want to discuss which crematorium you would like to use, or which cemetery you wish to be buried in. You may want to discuss which minister to use, what a newspaper notice is to say, and what flowers are to be ordered. Or you may just want to give us some basic details, and let your family or friends take care of the other arrangements at the time.

Whatever you feel comfortable with, we would be pleased to discuss arrangements for a pre - planned funeral with you. Please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our funeral directors, which can be either at one of our offices or at your own home.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funerals

We strongly recommend that you discuss this option with us so that the right amount is included.

You can be sure that your money will always be secure. We are proud that our Funeral Plan is offered by Golden Charter, the UK's largest independent funeral plan provider.

Your payment will go directly into the Golden Charter trust, which is a separate legal entity from Golden Charter, the company, and it will hold the money for your funeral on your behalf.

Goldern Charter

What Should I do?

What you need to know in times of bereavement.

How to Register a Death

Who Can Register

  1. Close relative of the deceased
  2. Relative in attendance during last illness
  3. Relative in the same district of death
  4. Person present at death
  5. Person arranging funeral

Documents Required

  1. Medical Certificate of Death
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Information regarding the date of birth
  4. Medical Card (if available)

Information Required to Register

  1. Full name of deceased:
  2. (maiden name if applicable)
  3. Date and place of death
  4. Date and place of birth
  5. Occupation and home address
  6. Full name of surviving spouse or partner
  7. Occupation of surviving spouse or partner

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Memorials & Floral Tributes

We can assist you with headstones and flowers in many colours, sizes and designs.


We can assist with a wide variety of memorials. Memorials can be any colour, size or finish and designed to your own personal requirements. We are pleased to carry out additional inscriptions and renovations to existing memorials. No memorial work is undertaken until a full written estimate has been given and accepted. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment either at our offices, your home, or in the cemetery to discuss memorial requirements in full.

Floral Tributes

Flowers are a sensitive and expressive way of comforting the bereaved and paying ones last respects to loved ones.
Flower orders must be placed at least 48 hours before the funeral to guarantee delivery.
Buds Floral Designs are able to offer a selection of tributes.


Viewings are always available in our private Chapel of Rest

Answering Common Questions

If you have further questions please do contact us.

Q. Is Paul Pender & Son a privately owned company?

Yes, Paul Pender established his business in 2009.

Q. Does the funeral director organise everything?

We like to take care of all the arrangements for you. We will organise what is discussed and agreed during the arrangements, whether that be flowers, catering, obituaries, churches or ministers.

Q. Do I sit down and plan my relatives funeral in conjunction with the funeral director?

Before we arrive to make the funeral arrangements, it is helpful if you have had a chance to think about the funeral with your family. Even if you know it's a burial or cremation. When we arrive, we will help you arrange a funeral which you think your loved one would have wanted.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the music I can have played?

No. Any piece of music can be played from classical to religious, to rock and roll to dance music. We will work with you to ensure that the music you request is played at the funeral.

Q. Can a member of the family read an eulogy or read out a special message?

Yes and we encourage it because it makes the service very individual. You can go as far as a family member playing a musical instrument or singing.

Q. Where is my relative taken between the time of death and the funeral?

If your relative passed away in a care home or a private house, they will be taken to our Chapel of Rest once the doctor has certified death. If your relative passed away in hospital, they will go to the hospital mortuary and then to our Chapel of Rest once all the legal paperwork is completed.

Q. When can I see the body?

When the relevant paperwork is completed we can then begin to prepare the deceased for the family to view. This may involve embalming, with the dressing of the deceased in their own clothes or gowns provided.

Q. Why is the Coroner involved?

If the Coroner is involved, there is nothing to worry about. The Coroner is involved if your loved one was not attended by a doctor during the last illness or the doctor treating the deceased had not seen them after death or within 14 days before death, the cause of death is not known or the death was caused by an industrial disease.

Q. Is a burial more expensive than a cremation?

Yes, burials can be more expensive if you are purchasing a new grave. However if you already own a family grave the cost will be reduced as the plot is already owned by the family.

Q. How soon after a burial can I put a headstone on the grave?

Dependent on the cemetery, a stone can be immediately erected or some circumstances, it can take six to 12 months to allow for the ground to settle to be firm enough to place the weight of a headstone.

Q. Can I get help with payment of my funeral account?

It is sometimes possible to get help paying a funeral account. An application can be made to the DWP (formerly DSS & DHSS) if the person arranging the funeral is claiming any benefits already. This is not something that is guaranteed, and is considered on a per case basis. It is also important to note that whilst the DWP will pay for a simple cremation, there may be extra costs incurred.

Q. Is there a minister associated with the crematorium?

No, many people think that there is a minister assigned to the crematorium to take services for people who have no church connections. This is not true. We will arrange for an appropriate minister for the service to take into account your wishes regarding a religious or non-religious service.

Q. Does the family have to collect the cremation form from the hospital?

No, when we go to the hospital to remove the deceased, we will collect the cremation forms 4 and 5. We must then take this cremation form to the crematorium at least 24 hours in advance of the funeral service, along with the other paperwork.

Q. What is embalming?

A chemical process that preserves the deceased, slowing down the natural process of deterioration. It is usually recommended if you wish to spend time with your loved one prior to the funeral.

Q. How long after a service will I get the ashes back?

Usually it is the day after the funeral, however in some circumstances it is possible to receive them the same day.

Q. Are the ashes definitely those of my loved one?

Yes, each cremator is only big enough to hold a single coffin and once the cremation has taken place, the ashes are emptied from the cremator before the next cremation can take place. Each set of ashes is individually identified to ensure that all ashes collected are identified to each person cremated. A certificate of cremation is issued with each set of ashes.

Q. Does the coffin get cremated?

Yes, under the crematorium rules, nothing may be added to or removed from the coffin once it has been placed on the catafalque (coffin platform) in the crematorium chapel.

Q. Can I scatter ashes anywhere?

Ashes can be scattered anywhere provided that, if the land is privately owned, permission is granted from the land owner. Ashes cannot be scattered on a grave in a cemetery. They can be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium, interred in a family grave or cremated remains section of a cemetery/churchyard, scattered in a special place or kept at home. Many people choose to scatter ashes at sea, in the hills or at a place with special meaning.

Q. What happens to the flowers after a service?

After a service at the crematorium, the flowers are usually left at a viewing area or garden of remembrance at the side of the chapel for a week, after which they are disposed of. During the week, the family are able to remove the flowers if they so wish. Families are welcome to go and view the flowers during this time and or to take them away. Flowers at a cemetery are placed on the grave and left for a period of time before being disposed of. Flowers can also be donated to locate nursing homes or LOROS dependent on the type, i.e. cutflowers, or in baskets.

We are always happy to answer any question no matter how silly they may sound.

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